Son kills dad and dumps body into a pit latrine

Police in Mwingi are interrogating a 20 year-old man who admitted that he killed his 60 year-old father and dumped the body in a pit latrine.

Isaac Wakola was said to have been murdered in cold blood by his son, Peter Musya, early this week following a family conflict.

Confirming the incident to Kenya News Agency on Wednesday, Mwingi OCPD, Patrick Nyabaga said that police were holding two other suspects who might have been accomplices to Musya or were privy to the murder for further investigations before being arraigned in court.

Wakola, from Waita location in Mwingi Central constituency had been missing for four days as the family searched for him without trace.

According to area Chief, Lawrence Mwangangi, a search had not yielded much fruit until Tuesday when villagers spotted the son selling his father’s goats at Kamuwongo market, a few kilometres from their home.

Upon interrogation by the suspicious villagers, Musya lied that he had been sent by his father to sell the goats, said Mwangangi.

The villagers, the chief and the suspect went to Wakola’s home to find out if he had indeed sent the son with the goats to sell at the market.

We knew that the old man had been missing. We wanted to see him and confirm the son’s statement, said the Chief.

When the villagers arrived at the home, the father was still missing at which point they suspected that the boy was lying and informed the police.

After further interrogation by Mwingi police, Musya revealed that he had killed his father and dumped him in a nearby pit latrine, said the Chief.

He said that shocked villagers and the police went to the pit latrine from which they surely retrieved the body.

Musya and his two accomplices were arrested and the body taken to Mwingi Level IV Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem, said Mwangangi.

This has happened just a day after another body of a 78 year-old woman, who had been killed by the sons of her co-wife, was retrieved from a deep well at Nguni in Mwingi.

Source: Kenya News Agency