Somalia: Somali PM and His Delegates Denied Entry of Nairobi

By Maalik Som

High-level delegates led by Somali PM have been denied entry of Kenya’s capital Nairobi after landing at Jomo Kenyatta airport over unknown reason, MP said.

The delegates, who have flown from Mogadishu, are reportedly heading to Turkey for attending High Level Partnership Forum (HLPF) that will be talked about situation in Somalia.

In an interview with Shabelle Media based in Mogadishu, MP Abdullahi Jama’a who is accompanying with Somali Premier said that they were refused to go into Nairobi for holding talks before Turkey’s visit.

The High Level Partnership Forum which will be thrashed out the situation in Somalia, is going to be held in Istanbul town on February 23, Mr. Jama’a said.

He added that his country would re-consider long-standing diplomatic relation between Somalia and Kenya.

No word has been available from Kenya over that detention.

source: All Africa