Somalia: Al Shabaab Changes Tack, Plans Attacks Disguised As Peacekeepers

By Fred Oluoch

Somalia militants Al Shabaab are planning to attack liberated areas disguised in uniforms stolen from the African peacekeepers.

The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia, Francisco Madeira warned Thursday of the sinister plot.

Madeira –an Amisom head–said Al-Shabaab is plotting to strike in communities in the liberated areas that are currently enjoying peace and appealed to the Somalia public to be on the lookout and guard against such manipulations.

“If you see any suspicious behaviour by anybody in Amisom uniform, report it immediately to the authorities so that we can all be able to defeat this heinous enemy who does not respect life, who does not want the development of the people of Somalia,” warned Madeira.

Some of the uniforms were obtained during the attack of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) camp in El-Adde, Gedo region on January 15 in which an unknown number of soldiers were killed.

For most part of last year, Al-Shabaab has concentrated on attacking military targets inside Somalia including Ethiopian, Ugandan and Burundian troops.

The militias are now using the uniforms looted from the camps during attacks to disguise themselves as Amisom.

Source: All Africa