Somalia: 10 Al Shabaab Members, Including 4 Commanders Killed in KDF Airstrike

Osman Abdullah Hajji, a top Somali military commander in Gedo confirmed the killing of senior Al shabaab leaders in latest airstrike by Kenyan air forces in the region.

Hajji said at least ten Al shabaab members, including four middle-ranking commanders died in the KDF airstrike targeted a base for Al shabaab in the remote village of Tulo-Barwaqo in Gedo.

Two of the slain commanders were identified as Abdullah Ali and Luqman who have been in attendance at a meeting by Al shabaab leaders in the area at the time of the aerial bombing.

Tulo Barwaqo lies close to SNA controlled Garbaharey town. Al shabaab did not comment on the airstrike by Kenyan jets on Tulo Barwaqo.

Source: All Africa