Sodomy on the rise in Kaloleni, says MP


Kaloleni MP Gunga Mwinga has decried the increasing cases of gender-based violence and sodomy in his constituency.

He said despite increased sodomy, more emphasis is still placed on girls while ignoring the plight of boys.

Speaking at Misufini Primary School in Mariakani on Saturday, Gunga urged stakeholders to protect boys too.

“The boy child is now suffering in silence. There are people who trail boys when sent to do various errands and sodomise them. These cases are many and most of them are not reported due to the stigma associated with them,” he said.

“I condemn these acts and anybody who impregnates young girls in this constituency.” Kaloleni resident magistrate Robinson Ondiek said the constituency records a high number of sexual offences, but most of them are dismissed in courts due to lack of evidence.

He said many sexual offences are only brought to court after the concerned parties fail to agree in a “kangaroo court”.

“From January to date we have recorded more than 300 cases and 86 of them are sexual offences. These cases are usually brought months or even years after the incidents had occurred,” Ondiek said.

“This makes it hard to prosecute them because some evidence would definitely not be available.” He said most cases are only taken to court after the chief intervenes.

“This makes it very hard even for police to investigate these cases and provide the needed evidence in court. That’s why most cases collapse,” Ondiek said.

He said, however, the trend is declining due to engagement between the community and the court users committee.

The committee educates the community about legal matters and the importance of reporting sexual offences in time. Kilifi county nominated MCA Christine Zawadi accused the judiciary of taking too long to conclude gender-based violence cases.

Zawadi said the long wait for justice stigmatises the violence victims. “These cases take ages to be completed and when they are

concluded, the judgement leaves us wounded. It’s high time the courts fast-tracked the hearing and determination of GBV cases so the survivors can have peace,” she said. Zawadi called for community education on the procedures of reporting the cases to relevant authorities.