Sodomy convicts to serve 25 years in jail

A Mombasa magistrate’s court Tuesday sentenced three men to 25 years imprisonment for sodomising a nine year old boy.

The court heard that on April 13 and 15 at Kidogo basi area in Kisauni sub-county in Mombasa County, together with others not before court, the accused, Vitalis Momanyi, Kelvin Musungu and George Omondi are said to have intentionally had carnal knowledge of the 9 year old boy.

The court heard that the third accused, George Omondi, a garbage collector visited the home of the complainant under false pretences to collect garbage, he grabbed the minor, blindfolded him and later took him on his cart to an incomplete building, where the other two accused were waiting, and later on sodomized the minor in turns.

The court heard that the second accused Kelvin Savania alias ‘Nyoka’ visited the complainant’s home on the April 15 2018 and took him to a house where the other accused were waiting and sodomized the young boy again in turns.

Moreover the accused persons threatened to kill the complainant if he dared mention to his parents that he was sexually assaulted.

The complainant testified under oath claiming to have known the three accused very well and admitted they were the ones who sodomized him.

The three accused who were arrested on different occasions had denied the charges before Resident Magistrate Edgar Kagoni.

However the mother of the complainant, who also testified before the court, claimed to have known the three accused persons long enough and identified them by their real names and their aliases.

The court however was satisfied with testimonies by the complainant and that the accused before the court had been properly identified.

A medical report also indicated that the complainant was sexually assaulted.

Source: Kenya News Agency