Slum residents warned against incitement to violence

Slum dwellers have been cautioned against politicians who are using them to cause violence and fight each other.

Kiambu County Jubilee gubernatorial nominee Ferdinand Waititu advised people living in slums to shun violence during the campaign period saying that they would remain neighbours even after the General election.

All the people coming to play politics here in Kiandutu slum none of us live here, we just come for the votes, incite you to violence and leave you fighting against each other as we go back to our posh homes, said Waititu.

Speaking Friday during the launch of NYS youth empowerment projects in Kiandutu slum Thika town, Waititu said that the slum dwellers should not allow themselves to be misused by people who did not understand their problems and want to use them to ascend to power.

People should look for a leader who will liberate them from the poverty they are facing and you should not be excited by the little hand outs, he explained adding that the slum dwellers were being used because they had the numbers required by politicians.

Waititu said that once the politicians get what they want on August 8, they will not go back to the slums and the young men will be left in the cold.

Thika MP Alice Ng’ang’a on her part said she would ensure that security lights installed in Kiandutu slum were functional so that security in the area could improve.

Ng’ang’a said the 2, 800 youth who would be working in different projects would be financially empowered which would in turn reduce cases of insecurity in the area due to unemployment.

Ng’ang’a complained that there were politicians who were hell bent to causing violence in slums so that they could derail development projects.

We will not be cowed by enemies of development and those who want to derail development projects. We will continue working for our people without fear, she said.

Source: Kenya News Agency