‘Six Piece’ formula won’t give you right leaders, says PDP leader

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader Omingo Magara has challenged residents of Kuria West to vote in leaders based on their ability to unite people and initiate development.

Magara said political affiliations should not be the only measure of leadership adding that past performance record and integrity were also very important qualities that voters should consider when choosing a leader.

The PDP leader termed ‘six piece’ campaign advocated by certain party loyalists as strategy to cover leaders who have tainted history.

Magara was addressing residents of Mabera, Nyabohanse and Nyamosense in Kuria West while popularising Matiko Murimi, PDP candidate for Kuria West constituency.

He however cautioned the locals against leaders who use the youth to cause violence during campaign periods.

Magara urged locals to uphold peace and allow all the candidates in different political positions to popularise their manifestos.

On his part, Murimi said that he is the only candidate who can unite the dominant clans of Bugumbe and Bukira.

Uniting the Bugumbe, Bukira and other communities living in Kuria West forms part of my manifesto, Murimi said.

The PDP candidate also reiterated his commitment to embrace peaceful campaigns during the 34 days remaining to elections.

Migori Governor Zachary Obado clinched victory through PDP in 2013 after losing in the ODM primaries. He later defected to ODM and won in the nominations ahead of August 8 polls.

Source: Kenya News Agency