Siaya Jubilee supporters Insist On Voting

Jubilee party supporters in Siaya will participate in the repeat presidential polls scheduled for October 26, 2017, Nyanza and Western region party coordinator Steve Mwanga has said.

Mwanga said, together with other Jubilee die hards, he will defy a directive by local NASA leaders led by Governor Cornel Rasanga, cautioning the public against making their way to the polling centres on the polling day.

He said the governor’s threats were empty and should not scare anybody willing to exercise his or her democratic right to choose the leadership of this country.

I will marshall my friends and walk to Sega polling station and cast our votes, he said adding that Rasanga and his cronies were invited to witness the event.

Mwanga, who was speaking to the press in Siaya town told NASA leaders to allow democracy to prevail in the country, saying that intimidation and threats to violence will not scare peace loving Kenyans from turning up for the polls.

I urge Siaya county residents and Kenyans at large to ignore such threats and participate in the exercise to enable the country move forward, he said.

Mwanga said the public should not be used to blindly champion the interests of a few selfish politicians.

He said President Uhuru Kenyatta will garner more votes in Nyanza compared to what he got during the August 8, 2017 annulled elections.

Siaya governor, Rasanga, is on record cautioning people not to turn up at the polling stations, saying that whoever does so will be dealt with.

Source: Kenya News Agency