Shock As Cow Gives Birth To Calf With Two Heads In Kericho

A farmer in Kapanbwe village in Bureti sub-county, Kericho is still in shock after his cow gave birth to a calf with two heads.

The three-year-old cow belonging to Benard Chirchir delivered on Monday at around 3pm through caesarean section after being assisted by a veterinary doctor following its prolonged labour.

The five-day-old calf that has two identical heads which was delivered on Monday whose owner is a farmer at Kapanbwe village in Bureti sub-county, Kericho.

Chirchir told KNA that the calf is currently being feed artificially and its mother is in a stable condition following its first delivery.

He had to seek the help of his neighbours to feed the calf using a feeding bottle.

The female Friesian calf is unable to stand on its feet due to its heavy head as its four limbs are too weak to support it.

Chirchir’s only cow has become a temporary attraction in the village as a mixture of fear and uncertainty engulfed his home as neghbouring villagers keep streaming in to have a glimpse of the unique calf.

I did not expect it to give birth to a calf with two heads but am doing my best to feed it artificially suing a bottle though I fear it will not survive for long since its head is too heavy and its four limbs are too weak to support it, Chirchir said.

He disputes any form of witchcraft on his cow and fears that the calf will not live for long given its rare nature.

The calf’s two identical heads are fully developed and have all the organs of a normal head. In total the calf has four eyes, two ears, four nostrils and two mouths.

Confirming the incident, area senior chief, Mr. Lazarus Kirui said this is the first incident to have happened in his location and fears that the calf due to its odd feature may not survive to maturity.

Source: Kenya News Agency