Shift towards digital literacy in schools bearing fruit

Digital Literacy Programme (DLP) which equipped young learners in public primary schools across the country with laptops has been a huge success.

ICT and education stakeholders gathered in Mombasa to review the first phase of the project contend that the devices are facilitating effective teaching and learning in primary institutions.

They said with the launch of the DLP, the country has embarked on an exciting journey in education and ICT that will in the long run enhance quality and relevance of education in the 21stcentury.

Led by Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Authority Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Robert Mugo, they said the use of modern technology is driving greater productivity in the education system.

Mugo said since the rollout of the DLP in 2016 the programme has led to the improvement of learning outcomes in schools, learners have been keen on the devices thus reducing absenteeism and reduced teachers workload.

‘The feedback we are getting is that pupils are excited and engaged in learning courtesy of the devices,’ said Mugo on Monday during an interview with KNA at the North Coast Beach Hotel.

He said the digital learning devices are ensuring that pupils have the skills and knowledge they need to engage in an increasingly digital world.

He announced that in the first phase of the digital programme over 1.5 million laptops have been distributed to 20,000 public primary schools across the 47 counties.

‘We have also developed digital learning content in Maths, English, Science and Kiswahili,’ he said adding that 20,000 teachers have been trained on ICT to deliver the contents.

He said the ICT content has been created by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) to give learners a competitive edge in an increasingly globalised world.

Mugo said the Education ministry has been working closely with the ICT authority on ways to enhance digital technologies learning as teachers will lead the delivery of the new curriculum.

He said Vision 2030 will be celebrating its 10th anniversary over the period of April and October 2018 and that the ICT authority will be showcasing DLP as flagship project that seeks to increase the role of Kenya as a global leader and pace setter in ICT.

Source: Kenya News Agency