Shabaab Fail in Fourth Bid to Kill Wajir Chief

Al Shabaab militants raided the home of a chief in Wajir county but he got away before they spotted him.

The three men armed with AK-47s scaled the perimeter wall but chief Jamah Noor’s family saw them and alerted him.

He jumped over the wall and fled on foot.This is not the first attempt on his life.

“They tried to kill me on June 6, 7 and 25. Who knows whether I will escape next time,” Noor said on the phone.

The Bulla Hudhon chief said he has received threats from al Shabaab in Somalia.

He asked for help from Kenya Police Reservists in his clan but during this latest attempt they had joined their families for Iftar.

Northeastern regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh said if it’s true the chief has been targeted several times, “then we will move fast to protect him”.

He said chiefs will be trained and armed.