Separate adult classes to be established

The Directorate of Adult Learning and Continuing Education is considering establishing separate classes for men in Trans Nzoia to encourage their enrollment.

According to the County Director of Adult learning and Continuing Education ,Lucy Kisanya, men were reluctant to sit in adult classes with women some of whom are their wives or daughters in-law.

Societal cultural beliefs are among the reasons towards poor enrollment rate of the males,male shy away from the institutions due to the male ego, she explained.

The Director noted that only 649 male adults have been enrolled this year against 832 females.She added that the department has already established one of the centres at the Annex Prison to serve the inmates and will roll out the programme to other areas.

we want to see their response to adult learning once we separate them from women, she pointed out.

At the same time, Kisanya said that her department was liaising with the Social Service Department in the county to enhance uptake of funds by the learners once they complete their studies.This is because the programme had been designed in such a way the adult learners were being trained to use skills learned in class to start income generating projects.

According to Ms. Kisanya, some learners had already formed groups and were benefiting from the programme adding that more needed to join registered groups to benefit from governemnt subsidised loans.

Ms. Kisanya also noted that at least 49 centres have been established in the country but decried low enrollment levels.Further,she said she had sought the assistance of the local administration to encourage the adult learners enroll at the centres.

However,she admitted that although literacy levels in the county have improved since the adult literacy programme started,there were challenges facing the sector.They include inadequate staffing, low enrollment rates and the lack of a reliable means of transport to supervise the institution.

Source: Kenya News Agency