Senator Slams Governors Over Waste of Resources

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar has praised Governor Hassan Joho for “resisting the trappings of power” and avoiding flashy cars as other county leaders have done.

Omar said on Thursday that many governors are blinded.

He said most governors are “wasteful” and live lavishly at the expense of residents.

Omar said the leaders use convoys with many fuel guzzlers, complete with a mobile toilet, ambulance, a special pulpit and a special seat, just like the President.

“Are they governors serving people or kings being served?” he said.

Omar spoke at Longo Primary School, Likoni, during celebrations to mark Seacom Foundation’s first anniversary.

The senator slammed governors using millions of shillings in preparation for US President Barack Obama’s visit.

He said it is “foolhardy” to spend that much money to please one person and make him believe that all is well in counties.

Omar likened it to eating chiecken only when a visitor comes home but returning to the ‘usual perennial hunger’ when the visitor leaves.

“In Nairobi, because of our foolishness, we have started to decorate the city. We should decorate the city even when Obama is not coming,” he said.

“[Nairobi Governor Evans] Kidero is planting grass, another one is refilling potholes, others are making pavements others are installing lights. This is nonsense.”

Omar said all leaders must be accountable to Kenyans.

“If you try stealing from the public, we will come for you,” he said.

Omar said leaders must ensure they sustain the faith Kenyans have in devolution.