Senator faults TSC on teacher Delocalisation.

Nyamira senator Okong’o O’Mogeni has appealed to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to shelve the on-going de-localisation of teachers saying the far flung transfers were demoralising the tutors.

Speaking in Nyamira town,O’Mogeni noted that the move to post serving teachers to stations away from their home counties was taking a toll on service delivery besides affecting the family bond among members of affected teachers.

Last year, the Ministry of Education directed the TSC to forthwith re-locate teachers from their home counties and post them to other regions in a bid to root out nepotism in schools management and boost national cohesion.

Already,TSC has swapped over 500 school principals and head teachers in schools across counties in a move aimed at delocalising teachers from their home counties and posting them in schools further afield.

But O’Mogeni took exception with the decision to delocalise teachers saying it was negatively affecting teachers who unfortunately would rather suffer silently rather than challenge TSC over arbitrary transfers.

This,the Senator said was compromising the administrative and delivery capacity of the affected heads due to psychological concerns before they settle in the new environment.

”We have teachers on transfer who are on medication and some nearing retirement who have had it rough settling in their new stations.This will negatively affect their input and TSC should rescind the decision,” said O’Mogeni.

O’Mogeni said he was not against the requirement for TSC teachers and civil servants to work anywhere in the country only that factors such as the history and medical status of an individual should be considered.

He said some affected teachers were widows while some had dependents who may not survive in their long absence and such cases should be borne while drafting transfers.

O’ Mogeni said that delocalisation was not a bad idea but the way it was being implemented was setting it up for failure.

He observed that TSC should centralise its staffing and begin with posting newly employed teachers way from their home counties such that they get used working away from home from day one.

The current TSC teacher employment policy requires that school Boards of Management employ teachers within schools where vacancies arise, a scenario which gives locals an upper hand.

O’Mogeni said that he will take the issue up to the senate in order for the Teachers Service Commission and the Ministry of Education to reconsider the implementation of the policy of delocalisation of teachers since they have already settled in their counties.

”I hope the CS for Education can come up with a solution so as not to punish our teachers unnecessarily,”he said.

Source: Kenya News Agency