Security personnel recover deadly Al-Shabaab arsenal in Wajir

Security personnel have recovered a deadly cache of weapons hidden for use by Al-Shabaab militants at a commercial house in the area.

The weapons that included 2 AK-47 rifles, 2 American Colt pistols, 2 live grenades, 2 detonators, 137 assorted ammunitions, 5 AK-47 and 3 pistol magazines are believed to have been used in past attacks targeting businesses, non-locals and other armed robberies in the area.

Displaying the weaponry in his office on Tuesday, North Eastern Regional Co-ordinator, Amb. Mohamud Ali Saleh said the militants commanded by a Mr. Mohammed Kuno Yussuf alias Abu Ali who has a shs 2 million bounty on his head operates in Jilib inside Somalia from where he coordinates and plans his attacks.

“The main objective of Al-Shabaab was to expel non-Muslims from Wajir as part of their larger agenda to extend their influence in Kenya,” he said.

Saleh said Kuno who hails from Wajir is a close ally of Mustafah Hato and Mohamed Kuno Kamadere who are both senior Al-Shabaab commanders believed to have planned the Garissa University attack that claimed 148 lives.

“With the help of members of the public who gave us valuable information we were able to unearth this arsenal of weapons. I urge them to give information that they get to allow us act and respond promptly,” he said.

Saleh who was flanked by area Administration Police Commandant ,Omar Shurie who is currently in charge of operations in the region and senior security officers said there is ‘no time for complacency and we have to be alert all the time’ adding that the government is more than willing to defend its people and territory’.

He said the recovery has seriously degraded the capability of the Al-Shabaab to carry out their attacks in the country and more so Northern Kenya that has borne the brunt of the attacks

Saleh said the agenda for 2016 is to continue with security reinforcement, alertness, tighten our borders and bring back Kenyan young men who joined the terror group.

The Regional Coordinator noted that all those who voluntarily surrender will be pardoned and rehabilitated.

“We have already contacted them and their families and we are giving them amnesty to return home and want to assure them if they come back they will integrated into the society,” said the regional coordinator.

This is the fourth largest cache of weapons to be recovered in the past 8 months since Saleh took over in May 2015 at two residential houses in Garissa town and Dadaab refugee camps.

By Jacob Songok

Source: Kenya News Agency