Security officials set up multi agency security coordinating centre

Security officers in Homa Bay County have set up a multi-agency coordinating centre in Homa Bay Town for managing the campaigns and the August elections.

Speaking to KNA in his office, Homa Bay Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Chuck Masua said the centre will play a vital role in directing all security personnel and other organisations working to ensure that violence was minimised during the campaigns.

Masua said the centre based at the Homa Bay Police Station will direct roles to security groups including the Kenya police, the forest officers, the prisons department, and other security officials.

The administrator added that Non-Governmental organisations will also be directed at the centre.

Humanitarian organisations such as the Kenya Red Cross, Worlds Vision, MSF and other NGOs will have a command center at the station, Masua added.

Masua said security personnel in the county were on a high alert to avert possible violence. He said several areas had been marked as hot sports and agents were on standby to record politicians who promote hate speech.

Homa Bay Town and Rodi Trading Centres have been marked as possible areas of violence after the elections. We have officers in such areas with voice and video recording gadgets which will be used to present exhibits at the court, said Masua.

The administrator further warned politicians against categorising areas as different political zones. Every politician regardless of political party he or she belongs to is allowed to campaign in any area in the county, said Masua.

Source: Kenya News Agency