Security intensified to ensure safe campaign

Police have intensified their security surveillance and patrols within Thika town to ensure that the campaign period was free of acts of violence and political hooliganism.

Thika OCPD Bernard Ayoo said the security team had developed a a malti- sectoral approach to police the area a head of the coming general polls to ensure that peace and tranquility prevailed during the political season

He said that an integrated approach that zones various estates and businesses in partnership with the civilian population Chaired by one of their own had been designed to address the security challenges during the period.

Ayoo said the Asian Community within section 9 estate under the Chairmanship of Bimal Shah had gone further to erect an electrical security fences around their residences where all pavements and compounds were properly lit to keep off any invaders.

He said that plans were underway to launch a 24 hour patrol vehicle donated by the same community to beef up security activities in the town

Ayoo pointed out that the area security committee led by the Thika Deputy County Commissioner Thomas Anjere has also had a meeting with the political leadership to cautioned them against making statements that could cause breach of the peace.

The electoral offences act is very specific about acts of lawlessness during the campaigns and the politicians know the consequences and penalties such an offense can attract He said.

Speaking to KNA separately Thika District business Community Chairman Alfred Wanyoike also lauded the Asian Community for embracing the sectoral approach to security and challenged the other security Chairmen to borrow a leaf from them.

He however called on the County Government to device a method of enforcing the County bylaws on designated areas of hawking adding that Thika town has been turned into a hawker’s paradise with every kind of merchandise being displayed on the streets and pavements making it difficult for normal operations.

The current congestion occasioned by the hawkers within the Thika central business District poses a major security risk especially since most of the vendors are from outside Thika Sub-County He concluded

Source: Kenya News Agency