Security embarks on series of meetings

Top security teams from West Pokot and Turkana Counties have embarked on a series of meetings with reformed warriors to tackle on security issues in the region.

Led by County Commissioners, Wilson Wanyanga of West Pokot and Stephen Ikua of Turkana, yesterday held a day long security meeting at Turkwel gorge where over 60 reformed warriors from the two communities attended, where both said the group will assist in community policing and boost the prevailing peace in the area.

Wanyanga said the move was to ensure that the issues of conflicts, loss of lives and properties through cattle rustling becomes a thing of the past, saying the reformed warriors are going to act as peace ambassadors.

He pointed out that the reformed warriors has recently assisted in the recovery of stolen livestock and at the same time continue preaching peace along the volatile border of the two counties.

Ikua pointed out that the warriors drawn from Turkana, West Pokot and Baringo counties had initiated a routine of touring the Turkwel corridors from Nasal, Turkwel to Nadome in Baringo, saying their efforts had witnessed peace prevailed for the last one year.

He said the reformed warriors will be facilitated by the Government during their visit to the two communities, adding that the Government would like to see to it that peace prevailed in the region.

The meeting which saw all the security leaders and the warriors come up with the way forward on how to assist the mobility as they undergo a rigorous process of how to recover stolen livestock as well as on how to compensate loss of lives among the two communities.

The locals applauded the frequent peace meetings in the region, pointing out that they have been successful as peace has been witnessed in the area.

The warriors on the other hand appealed to the Government to assist them in provision of little funds to sustain their families, saying they spent many days roaming crossing the borders to preach peace among the two communities.

By John Saina