Security beefed up as Ramadan comes to an end

Road users along Maua-Meru road were Tuesday caught by surprise as military policemen moved in to beef up security along the busy road.

The officers were patrolling the road that has in the past witnessed smuggling of firearms by the lethal Al-Shabaab militia men to ensure that such weapons were not brought in upon the close of Ramadhan by Muslims.

All vehicles whether private or public, were subjected to a thorough check up before the motorists were let to proceed on to their destinations.

Security in the area was tight as the military policemen used sniffer dogs to ascertain that no vehicle carried prohibited goods.

The road is suspected to be one of the routes the militia men use to sneak in firearms to Nairobi for their terrorists’ activities.

Boda Boda operators had a field day as passengers hired them to get them past the roadblocks mounted for the purpose of security checkup.

One of the officers who spoke on condition of anonymity said they were on their regular check-ups to ensure safety to citizens as the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end.

This was to ensure that no weapons or other contrabands enter the country.

Source: Kenya News Agency