Secession bill is dead at inception, we will throw it away, MP

Gatundu North MP Annie Wanjiku Kibe has vowed to mobilize Jubilee parliamentarians to flop secession bill once the parliament resumes from recess.

The MP said Jubilee will use its tyranny of numbers to defeat the bill which she said was poorly timed and had an ill intended motive of isolating one tribe against others.

Speaking during a need analysis tour in Gatundu North schools on Wednesday, Kibe condemned NASA leaders for trying to make the country ungovernable further reprimanding them for stalling the economic growth of the country.

She reiterated that the marginalisation assertion that the bill was highlighting had been addressed by devolution which she said came to take government services closer to the citizens.

Kibe said that most marginalised communities in the country were receiving the biggest share of national revenue dismissing claims that Jubilee government concentrated developments in only selected areas of the country.

I dare them to bring the bill to parliament; they will see the tyranny of numbers at work. That bill is dead at inception and parliamentarians will throw it away, she said.

NASA is trying to take us back to the hate kind of talks where they want 43 tribes to rise against one. How can we isolate one tribe, Kenya is one country and we have one president, she noted.

The bill which was drafted by Homa Bay town MP Peter Kaluma seeks to have 40 among the 47 counties in Kenya break to form Peoples Republic of Kenya. Kaluma claims that the 40 counties have continually been discriminated upon by successful governments.

The MP also said that parliament was not ready to fund a fresh election which NASA wants conducted in three months’ time.

She said the supplementary budget set for development was reallocated to conduct October 26 election something she said cannot be repeated.

Kibe called on opposition leaders to accept defeat and allow the country to move forward noting that the promised free secondary education will be a nightmare if the current political impasse is not arrested.

Source: Kenya News Agency