School latrines collapse

Matungu primary school in Matungu sub-county faces imminent closure due to lack of adequate sanitation.

Eight latrines at the school have sunk leaving only six of them to serve a population of 1, 400 pupils at the school.

Mayoni Ward Public Health Officer, Geoffrey Mutebi said that situation was pathetic and has asked the school administration to move with speed and construct new ones failure to which the facility would be closed down.

Mutebi who was talking to KNA in his office on Friday, said that he had issued a notice to the school administration to put up the facilities for the benefit of the pupils who reported for learning every day of the week.

He said that currently, the few toilets were being used by boys, girls and the Early Childhood Development class, a situation that needed to be addressed with urgency.

The Chairman of the School Board of management, Fredrick Omollo said the school faced a serious shortage of latrines and that the public health officials who inspected it recommended that others be constructed immediately.

He said they have since made a proposal to the area CDF for funding of construction of the toilets and were awaiting a response.

The chairman said the situation required urgent attention and called on other well wishers including the Kenya Red Cross to come to the aid of the school.

He noted that the school required a toilet block comprising of 59 doors out of which 31 would be used by girls and 28 for boys, including the urinals.