School emerged the best in promoting peace

Sarmach primary school in the Turkwel region along the border of the West Pokot and Turkana Counties has emerged as one of the best institutions which promotes peace and co-existence of the two communities,

Speaking when he made a special visit to the school, the West Pokot County commissioner, Wilson Wanyanga commended the school for enrolling pupils from both communities, which he said is one way of eradicating conflicts between the two pastoralist communities .

The school which was built by the World Vision, Kenya at a cost of sh. 16 million in 2012 has been underutilised due to insecurity, but due to the prevailing peace in the last one year, its enrolment has gone up.

The school has a capacity of accommodating one thousand pupils but has so far enrolled more than one hundred children and expect to reach its capacity by the end of the year.

Wanyanga encouraged the two communities to take advantage of the free primary education by taking their children to the school, saying normalcy has been restored and the government supported by the two communities would see to it that the same is maintained.

“The government urged the parents from the two communities to embrace peace and encouraged their children to make use of the school which has all the facilities”, he said

He pointed out that the current prevailing peace is commendable, saying this will open room for development and improve the livelihoods of the locals.

The administrator observed that the main challenge facing the school is lack of food, saying the national government in collaboration with the county will help in addressing the issue.

“The main problem facing this institution is hunger and we are doing everything possible with the county government to see to it that the problem is solved”, said Wanyanga.

The school head teacher, Julius Lonoki challenged the leaders from the two communities to make use of their public barazas by encouraging parents to take their children to the school.

Lonoki said the school has modern facilities which are underutilised, saying the only way of making it fully used is by enrolling more children.

“Sarmach school has one of the best facilities in the County and I encourage parents from the two communities to make use by bringing their children to the school”, he said.

By John Saina