School boy with throat cancer sends for SOS for its therapy

A boy who has dropped out of school after contracting throat cancer has appealed to well-wishers, charitable organizations, churches and the government to assist him access medication.

Haron Mutai, 19, pointed out that since he was diagnosed suffering throat cancer three months ago, he has not undergone any therapy because he cannot afford to raise Sh.120, 000 which an oncologist at Tenwek Mission hospital in Bomet County had demanded for the treatment.

Mutai who said he stays in an IDP camp at Kiptagich in Nakuru County with his mother after his father abandoned them with three other children when they were very young is unable to raise the money.

He lamented that the disease has incapacitated him causing him abandon school. He was supposed to join form two this year at Kirunget secondary school where he attended form one last year.

Mutai explained that the cancer began as a painless pimple on his throat and has since grown into a lump.

Speaking at Kitale County Information Office , Mutai pointed out that he has embarked on a mission of soliciting funds for his therapy which has seen him move from Nakuru County to Eldoret and Kitale towns.

He appealed to well-wishers, individuals, churches, charitable organizations and the government to donate money towards the treatment of the throat cancer so that he can go back to school.

Those willing to help can send their money through M Pesa mobile number 0790 340839.

A doctor at Mt. Elgon Hospital in Kitale town, Mr. Sammy Misiko explained that throat cancer also known as laryngeal cancer is an ailment that normally attacks elderly people but is now rampant among the youth due to consumption of alcohol and smoking.

Dr. Misiko also attributed the problem to non observance of dental hygiene among youth.

“The disease is caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection.HPV is a group of viruses that cause a majority of cervix cancers and at least half of oropharynx cancers,” Dr. Misiko explained.

He pointed out that laryngeal cancer cells can spread by breaking away from tumours in the larynx (the organ in the throat at the front of the neck which is called voice box).

Dr. Misiklo described the process of cancerous cells spreading to other tissues as metastasis.

Dr. Misiko explained that the symptoms of the disease depends mainly on the size and location of the growth adding that the common ones include hoarse voice for three weeks, a lump in the neck , trouble in breathing and earache that persists.

He implored people with such symptoms to go to health facilities so that they could be diagnosed and treated.

By Khisa Mmasi