Say Sorry to Akaranga, Gikaria Told

TWO clerics in Vihiga have asked Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria to apologise to Governor Moses Akaranga for linking him to the illicit brew business.

African Divine Church Archbishop John Chabuga and his PAG counterpart Patrick Lihanda said the allegations are malicious.

Gikaria linked Akaranga to one of the second-generation liquor manufacturers raided in Nakuru last week.

The religious leaders said the owner of the distiller, Michael Gaitho, said Akaranga is not a shareholder.

“Gikaria should apologise to Akaranga for tarnishing his name,” Chabuga said.

The leaders said dragging the governor’s name in the alcohol business during the crackdown on illicit brews is in bad taste.

The religious leaders addressed a press conference in Mbale town on Sunday.

“The governor has been at the forefront in discouraging young people against drinking alcohol. He cannot preach water and drink wine,” Lihanda said.

Akaranga has denied owning the factory.

He accused his political detractors of being behind the propaganda.

Akaranga spoke at Chanderema ADC Church in Chavakali ward on Sunday.

He said he will not be distracted by a scheme from his rivals to malign his name.