Sand laden Lorries impounded

Two Lorries were Monday night impounded after their drivers were found flouting a ban on sand harvesting imposed by Kitui Governor, Charity Ngilu.

The Lorries were intercepted at Kanyonyo area, along the Thika-Garissa Highway, while drivers and trucks are being held at Kitui Police Station.

They were impounded in an operation, led by Kitui Environment and Natural Resources Chief Officer, Kioko Kiilu with support of the police and County Enforcement Unit.

Illegal trading in sand in Kitui County is still thriving, even after the government imposed a total ban on the trade.

Traders have now devised schemes to circumvent the ban imposed by governor, Charity Ngilu in February 2018.

According to police sources, drivers of trucks ferrying the commodity have resorted to transporting sand during the night and some going to the extent of using feeder roads to evade police roadblocks.

According to the Kitui County Deputy Governor, Dr. Wathe Nzau, some of the unscrupulous traders are using personal vehicles to smuggle charcoal out of Kitui.

The official however cautions that the government is aware of the racket and will ensure that the culprits are brought to book.

Two weeks ago, police stumbled on a group of about one thousand people burning charcoal in Sosoma Forest.

A few of them were apprehended while majority managed to evade the police dragnet.

Source: Kenya News Agency