Sand ferrying lorry set ablaze by an irate mob in Mwala

Angry residents of Mithanga sub-location in Masii location of Mwala sub-county Friday set ablaze a lorry along River Thwake, for flouting sand harvesting ban.

The driver and loaders ran for their dear lives after they were cornered by the agitated mob as they tried to scoop sand from the river

Assistant Chief Daniel Kisilu said the locals had formed vigil groups to protect river banks from being encroached by unscrupulous businessmen who harvest sand at night.

Sand harvesting is lucrative business in Ukambani and has become notorious as some locals collude with the traders to harvest the commodity at night.

Subsequently, the locals, through the Nyumba Kumi initiative have stepped up night patrols to curb the vice that has hitherto left many river banks barren following repeated scooping sand.

Kisilu said sand is a vital component in preservation of water since locals can dig well for domestic and livestock use during dry spell.

Kisilu however urged the locals not to take the law into their hands, but continue to partner with his office by promptly reporting the offenders for legal action to be taken against them

Source: Kenya News Agency