Samboja outlines his priority areas for the County

Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja has vowed to ensure all the residents have water for both their domestic and economic use.

Samboja insisted that the Sh 42 billion Mzima II Water project which he initiated while he was the Coast Water Service Board chairman, and which shall be launched soon benefitted his people before it was distributed to the neighbouring counties.

Water is life, provision of this precious commodity to our people is our upmost priority, few successes can be achieved without water, he said.

Outlining his agenda for the county during the opening of the county assembly last Friday, Samboja noted that factories shall be established to ensure employment for the youth.

The county boss at the same time promised to support agriculture through identification of suitable areas for large-scale irrigation projects that will not only create jobs, but also increase food supply in the region.

The governor said the county through the department of agriculture, trade and industrialisation shall implement value addition projects for tomatoes, bananas, macadamia nuts.

On livestock development, Samboja revealed that his government was working in partnership with KCB foundation, together with other international organisations so as to establish livestock markets within the county that shall complement the already existing livestock fattening programme.

We shall also enhance the value addition chain of other livestock products such as milk, meat, honey, hides and skins, said the youthful governor.

The governor has not left out health matters in his agenda, noting that the county government was in the process of paying Sh 4.2 billion to the company charged with supplying the CT-scan machine to complete installation, as the same have been lying idle for the last two years.

My government shall upgrade the health infrastructure, provide required medicines, equipment and personnel to improve delivery of services, he promised the residents.

He also promised to improve Moi Referral hospital status, as well as health research systems to enhance preventive and curative intervention measures through developing rich alternative medicine sector (miti dawa).

On nurse’s strike, he said consultations are ongoing with a view to ending the industrial unrest in order for the health workers to resume full services.

The negotiations are ongoing to alleviate the suffering of our people. We have recruited 51 nurses on casual basis and posted them to various hospitals, Samboja said.

He also pledged to improve the falling education standards through a review of education policies and legislative framework to streamline the manner in which financial assistance is distributed to bright but disadvantaged students at secondary and tertiary institutions.

We will establish a scholarship programme for bright students in the county, who shall have their undergraduate university education fully sponsored on condition of their return to work in the County, he said.

Speaking on empowerment, Samboja said he will facilitate the initiation of programmes that equip women, youth and special groups with special skills through partnerships with various stakeholders with the aim of improving their living standards.

We shall partner with Equity bank to ensure that 40 youth from each sub-county are trained on entrepreneurial and financial management skills and thereafter, provide them with financial assistance to jumpstart their chosen ventures, he said.

He said he had already engaged investors to set up factories, including Export Processing Zones within the county and that a garment sewing training facility shall be launched soon.

Samboja also promised to open up access to government procurement opportunities for the youth, women, disabled and disadvantaged groups, saying it was a constitutional right for these groups to gain preferential access to business prospects.

He said he will review barriers to the access to the 30 per cent government tenders, which he noted were denying the youth, disabled, the women and the disadvantaged lucrative opportunities to create wealth.

Source: Kenya News Agency