Sabina commends youth for participating in elections

The Murang’a county women representative, Sabina Chege has lauded youth for coming out to participate in the elections in large numbers.

Speaking after casting her vote at Kinyona primary school in Kigumo on Tuesday, Chege observed that in previous elections youth have not been participating in voting their leaders.

She said it was very crucial for young people to fully be involved in putting in office good leaders who will shape the future.

The future of this country lies with the youth and thus it’s a good show that they have participated in elections to choose leaders who will make future of Kenya better, she added.

About the voting process, Chege expressed her concerns about slow functioning of some KIEMS machines noting that generally people from the county turned up in big number to cast their votes.

She said in some polling stations the machines failed occasionally dragging the exercise.

From the look of things, some people may be forced to vote until deep into the night due to slow functioning of the KIEMS machines, she noted.

Meanwhile, the county MP called upon all leaders those who will be elected and those who will lose to maintain peace.

She said those who will win should not celebrate as if to intimidate the losers noting that leadership comes from God.

If you lose in the election please accept the decision by the people and if you win don’t feel proud. Bring all people together and Kenya must move on, she added.

Source: Kenya News Agency