Rogue, quack surveyors to be punished


The Institution of Surveyors of Kenya has put rogue members on notice after they were called a major cause of land conflicts by the National Land Commission.

The institution also wants MPs to enact the ISK statute it has drafted and submitted.

It would regulate the industry and establish a code of conduct.

CEO Moses Kiambuthi told the Star on Wednesday the institution wants to reform the industry.

He said he it not only has rogue members but also quacks masquerading as land and building surveyors and property managers.

“ISK has a disciplinary mechanism that deals with rogue members. ISK does not condone professional misconduct,” Kiambuthi said.

He encouraged the public to write to ISK about specific complaints about members so disciplinary action can be taken.

On Monday, NLC chair Muhammad Swazuri said corrupt surveyors and planners are the major cause of land conflicts in urban areas.

He said rogue surveyors and planners approve plans that don’t exist and asked the ISK to crack the whip on them.

On Wednesday, lead consultant at Elite Africa Valuers Ephantus Waweru said quacks are taking advantage of the devolution transition period to swindle innocent Kenyans and county governments.

“It is important county governments make inventories of assets the defunct regimes had and those now have and compare to check for discrepancies,” Waweru said.

He said a list of public utilities, including those surrendered during survey, should be made by all county governments.

Kiambuthi said members have been suspended and even deregistered whenever misconduct has been proven.