Rock solid Mwamba victorious at Kenyatta University (K.U)

Stanbic Mwamba won the opening round of the KRU Women#39;s festival at the Kenyatta University, defeating Northern Suburbs 19-0 in a hotly contested final on Sunday 9 February 2020.

Mwamba had earlier finished top of Pool C after stopping hosts Blad Babes 55-0 and Homeboyz 10-0. Suburbs registered a 43-0 win over the RPS Twigas before edging Yamanashi Impala Saracens 12-5 to claim pole position in Pool B as Top Fry Nakuru topped Pool A with a 48-0 whitewash of Kisumu Dolphins which they followed up with a 45-0 result over Shamas Rugby Foundation.

Indeed it was Nakuru who were ranked first overall as the teams were reseeded for the semifinals while Mwamba, Suburbs and Homeboyz were ranked second, third and fourth respectively.

Kulabu had to dig deep to overcome Homeboyz 15-10 in their cup semifinal while Suburbs edged out tournament top seeds and overall festival champions Top Fry Nakuru 12-7 in the other semifinal.

Yamanashi Impala Saracens settled for fifth place with a 38-0 win over Shamas as RPS Twigas edged Kisumu Dolphins 7-5 to finish seventh overall. Hosts Blad Babes were ranked ninth overall.

Collated Results

Pool Stages

Pool A: Top Fry Nakuru 48 Kisumu Dolphins 0

Pool B: Yamanashi Impala Saracens 34 RPS Twigas 0

Pool C: Homeboyz 55 Blad Babes 0

Pool A: Shamas 32 Kisumu Dolphins 5

Pool B: Northern Suburbs 43 RPS Twigas 0

Pool C: Stanbic Mwamba 55 Blad Babes 0

Pool A: Top Fry Nakuru 45 Shamas 0

Pool B: Yamanashi Impala Saracens 5 Northern Suburbs 12

Pool C: Stanbic Mwamba 10 Homeboyz 0

Ranking Semis

Yamanashi Impala Saracens 38 RPS Twigas 0

Shamas 15 Kisumu Dolphins 0

Cup Semis

Top Fry Nakuru 7 Northern Suburbs 12

Homeboyz 10 Stanbic Mwamba 15

Seventh Place Final

RPS Twigas 7 Kisumu Dolphins 5

Fifth Place Final

Yamanashi Impala Saracens 38 Shamas 0

Third Place Playoff

Homeboyz 12 Top Fry Nakuru 7

Cup Final

Stanbic Mwamba 19Northern Suburbs 0

Source: Kenya Rugby Union (KRU).