Robbers make away with sh. 500,000

Two people are nursing injuries after a five man gang attacked a super market in Sibanga market in Cheranganyi, in Trans Nzoia County.

The gang also held customers hostage as they ransacked the shop escaping with Sh 500,000 and an assortment of credit cards. Area police have launched a manhunt for the robbers.

The Trans Nzoia East police boss, Abel Ogul also confirmed that two of the customers were also injured in the 7 p.m. melee.

He said the five robbers who paused as customers entered the Muyahudi supermarket at the center and commanded everybody inside to lie down, before stealing money from them.

Speaking to KNA the owner of the supermarket, Gerald Njoroge Ndirangu, 42, said that he was taken by surprise when the robbers ambushed him, as he was taking delivery of goods the supermarket.

I saw a man in a leather jacket remove a gun and pointed at me, while others commanded customers to lie down on the floor, said Ndirangu .

He narrated how he was almost killed when he tried to escape from the gunman for safety.

That moment I was confused and what I did is to run towards the building store, when a bullet brushed and missed my head by a whisker before I fell on the customers who were lying on the floor, he added.

I can’t explain how I did it, but somehow I just gained courage and ran towards the gunman and grabbed him by the shoulder, while pushing him outside the supermarket before falling down and raising an alarm, he explained.

According to Ndirangu, the other four were robbing customers, while the supermarket cashiers took off after sensing danger.

Ndirangu also said that the gunmen had shot at the nearest transformer, causing a blackout to their advantage.

The incident happened just six days after another supermarket belonging to Ndirangu’s brother, Elijah Mwega was robbed in Kaplamai center, which is a few kilometers from Sibanga.

According to Mwega, he was not at the scene during the incident, where over Sh. 300, 000 was stolen, as his wife, Mary Wanja was held at gunpoint.

It was a horrible experience for my wife, luckily she was unhurt but one person was killed after the incident as they tried to escape, he said.

The Ndirangu’s called on the police to beef up security as the incidents might drive away potential investors.

It’s unfortunate that just after experiencing horrifying incident, another one has happened to my brother in law. We called upon the CS for security, Fred Matiang’i to look into the matter, and also the police to ensure that this area has enough security, said Wanja, Mwega’s wife.

Source: Kenya News Agency