Road-shows could be a cause for disaster, says County Commissioner

The Isiolo County Commissioner (CC), George Natembeya has called on residents of the county to be weary of campaign road-shows that he claimed are being used for immoral purposes.

Natembeya who was speaking during Madaraka Day celebrations held at the Isiolo stadium on Thursday said some underage youth and even married women are taking advantage of the campaign road-shows to engage in immoral activities.

If you think what am saying is a joke then wait and see the number of pregnancies that will arise after the campaign season is over. If your wife comes home at 2.00am in the morning, look at her squarely on the face and see her reaction, said the CC.

Natembeya wondered what children, some as young as ten years are doing in those lorries and further took issue with what happens when the lorries are parked outside hotels after campaign hours.

As you are chewing miraa, your children and your wives are practicing immoral activities in lodgings. Be very vigilant on what your wives and children are doing under the disguise of campaigns, said the Administrator.

Natembeya further cautioned politicians against planting youth outside polling stations to cause violence during the forthcoming General Elections, adding that only those agents who will be within the polling station itself will be allowed into the compound.

He said other people have no business in the polling station after voting and should leave the compound as soon as they are through with the voting to avoid confrontations and possible violence.

Anti- riot police will be outside the polling station to ensure that it is as quiet as a library, church, mosque or a bank and not as noisy as a bar and anyone who breaches this will watch the outcome of the elections in prison, warned the CC.

Natembeya further disclosed that security team will extend its activities to outside the boundaries of Isiolo to ensure that all livestock that is stolen and driven to neighbouring counties is recovered and brought back to the owners.

He further called on politicians to desist from asking for unnecessary security personnel, adding that the police will be deployed to more important assignments now that cattle rustling and killing of innocent people by those involved in the theft seems to be reviving after a long spell of peace.

Why would a candidate ask for ten policemen to guard him against people from whom he/she is seeking votes from? If you feel you are not popular then give up and save yourself and ourselves from unnecessary disturbance, concluded the CC.

Present during the celebrations was Isiolo North Member of Parliament, Joseph Samal, Jubilee Senatorial candidate, Mohammed Liban and the National Independent Church of Africa, Eastern Diocese, Bishop Stephen Kalunyu.

Source: Kenya News Agency