Rising cases of domestic violence worrying

Kenyans have been urged to be one another’s keeper in the wake of rising incidences of domestic violence.

The Nakuru County Director of Children’s Services (CDCS), Mwambi Mong’are said that the current trends of fatalities in domestic violence cases were worrying.

He said that the trend could be indicative of deeper rooted social problems that could be noted and handled if people cared about each other’s wellbeing.

Speaking to KNA in his office, Mong’are challenged men to stop abdicating their parental roles, leaving women to shoulder the burden of providing for children alone.

He said his office would not hesitate to take deterrent action against men who desert their families and cause them suffering.

The CDCS said that despite the pressures of life being witnessed and the harsh economic times, there was no justification for any parent to abdicate their roles and urged couples facing challenges in their marriages not to shy from seeking professional help.

He informed members of the public that help was available in different parts of the county and said that no one should suffer in silence.

Mong’are added that children issues could be reported at any of the sub county offices in Molo, Rongai, Gilgil, Bahati, Naivasha and Nakuru Town East and West Sub Counties and at all police station where there are designated officers to deal with Children’s matters.

He also called on residents, in the interest of community policing to bring to the fore any cases involving child abuse being undertaken by guardians and parents, saying that such cases were largely ignored until something tragic happens.

The CDCS said that they would rescue any children who may be threatened by their own parents and said that nobody is allowed to assault a child.

Children belong to the state and therefore the Government has responsibility over their well being, he emphasized.

He urged residents not to turn the other way as domestic violence escalates as help is within reach and especially when children become victims of their own parents’ violence.

Source: Kenya News Agency