Revive sisal sector, government urged

Environmentalists are urging the government to help in reviving the sisal sector in the country so that sisal baskets could be used as an alternative after the ban on the use of plastic bags.

The deadly water hyacinth weed which has invaded Lakes Victoria and Naivasha has been fronted as useful in weaving more durable baskets that are more durable.

The Executive Director Center for Environmental Action, Prof. Karanja Njoroge regretted that continued use of plastic bags had created mountains of garbage in our towns and it was high time that sisal bags replaced the plastic to ensure a clean environment.

Prof. Njoroge noted that for years, the non-biodegradable bags had continued to affect the environment and also killed hundreds of livestock.

He said sisal baskets could come in handy to replace the plastic bags which could see more jobs for the unemployed youths created.

Traders involved in the sector have opposed the ban but we are fully behind the Cabinet Secretary for environment in this fight, Njoroge said.

He noted that the sisal sector had remained dormant for years, adding and the ban was now a blessing in disguise for both sisal farmers and manufacturers.

The environmentalists, cited Rwanda as a country that had won the war against plastic bags, adding that Kenya should borrow a leaf and revive the sisal sector.

Plastic bags have also been contributors of malaria by holding water which turns into breeding grounds for mosquitoes, he said.

The call was made during celebrations to mark the world environmental day which were marked in Naivasha G.K. Prison where stakeholders joined inmates and warders in planting trees.

Source: Kenya News Agency