Revenue-sharing formula will encourage hard-working counties

The proposal by the Commission on Revenue Allocation to reward close to 20 counties that are raising more revenue by themselves is welcome.

According to CRA Chairman Micah Cheserem, the commission seeks to encourage counties to enhance revenue collection and seal leakages.

Some of the counties that have been classified as marginalised have had a huge advantage over the other counties since they get a bigger share, as well as part of the Equalisation Fund.

This can encourage financial mismanagement since there is a lot of money.

It may also encourage such counties to neglect enhancing their revenue collection methods such as automation, which CRA has been pushing for.

In fact, some of the 14 marginalised counties have smaller populations and so their national share should complement whatever revenue they collect.

I agree with Mr Cheserem that poverty is not just in northern Kenya.

There should be other indices to determine the sharing of revenue.

So, yes, reward those who have shown the ability to collect revenue on their own and provide some equity among the counties.

Those that feel disadvantaged should speed up automation so that they can raise more revenue on their own.

Even the Good Book says that he who has much will have more added and he who has little will have even the little taken away. CRA, that is the way to go.