Residents urged to embrace use of pasteurized milk

The Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) Kericho County Director, Hillary Pacho has urged Kericho residents to embrace use of pasteurized milk instead of uncertified milk that posed health risks.

The board banned hawking of raw milk within the County in 2014 in a move to fight the consumption of adulterated milk.

In an interview with KNA in his office in Kericho town, Mr. Pacho said that raw milk contained harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, E-coli and Listeria, that cause numerous diseases.

Pasteurized milk is safe for human consumption as the process kills harmful organisms responsible for diseases such as typhoid fever, tuberculosis, diarrhea, diphtheria and brucellosis. Cheap is expensive as uncertified milk is usually low priced but in the long run cause diseases that are hard to treat, said Pacho.

The KDB County Director added that pasteurisation process does not reduce the nutritional value of milk but made the milk safe for use.

The most important nutrients in milk notably; carbohydrates, proteins and minerals remain intact from milk that has undergone the pasteurization process. Consumers should reject the myth that pasteurization destroys nutrients in milk. The only thing that can be removed from the milk is the butter fat content and this is done using the specified accepted international standards. Milk contains approximately 3.25percent of butter fat, said Pacho.

Pacho said there were some unscrupulous traders processing, packaging and selling artificial milk as if it was natural milk warning the culprits to desist from the illegal practice.

He advised dairy farmers to store and transport milk in the recommended aluminum containers instead of plastic ones to avoid exposing consumers to diseases.

The KDB County Director said the board would continue enforcing the regulations through routine operations in different areas within the region in efforts geared towards protecting the consumers.

Consumers need to be protected from buying unhygienic milk whose handling poses big health risks to them. This is a big challenge in the county, said Pacho.

Source: Kenya News Agency