Residents to benefit from 37, 000 gas cylinders

The Government is working closely with a local oil company to distribute cooking gas cylinders to the less fortunate households across the country at subsidized price.

The project, dubbed ‘Mwananchi Gas’, is estimated to cost Shs. 5.6 billion a year and will see 4.3 million new cooking gas cylinders distributed to Kenyan households by National Oil Company in the next three years.

Each gas cylinder will cost Shs.2, 000 as opposed to the current about Sh.4, 000 and will be distributed through Chiefs and their assistants in two months’ time.

Embu County Commissioner (CC), Esther Maina said the project aimed at increasing cooking gas penetration in the country from the current nine percent to 45 per cent.

She said the project would also help in the reduction of mortality rates associated with household air pollution by 50 per cent and promote entrepreneurship in the country

About 37,000 gas cylinders will be distributed in Embu County in the said time lines.

We will target mostly women and youth groups in the distribution, said Ms. Maina after a sensitization meeting for chiefs and their assistants on Thursday.

National government coordinators at the grassroots will help in identifying the needy in the society who should benefit from the project.

The CC said having cooking gas as the most preferred source of cooking energy in the rural areas would help in reducing deforestation, as residents move away from the use of firewood and charcoal in cooking.

Ms. Maina said that the company would put up a mini plant and distributors across all the 47 counties to ease the access to the cylinders.

The administrator warned the chiefs and their assistants not to use the program to benefit their cronies but only the earmarked beneficiaries.

Source: Kenya News Agency