Residents of Lokori/Kochodin ward benefit from livestock restocking exercise

Turkana county government has restocked 1600 shoats to improve the livelihoods of pastoralist that were affected by drought.

On Saturday, the department restocked 54 more households with 324 goats in Lokori/Kochodin Ward, Turkana East Sub-county in order to improve the pastoralists’ livelihoods.

Food security is one of the pillars of the Governor’s manifesto. Therefore, I will work to fulfill the Governor’s promise, said County Executive Committee (CEC) member Chris Aletia.

Majority of the residents practice pastoralism therefore increasing the number of livestock in the county is one of the ways to make them food secure.

In the current financial year, the first restocking exercise was carried out in November2017 in Turkana South; Katilu 88 households were restocked with 528 shoats; Lokichar 62 households with 372; and Kalapata 62 households with 372.

I encourage beneficiaries to rear the animals they have been given so that they can increase their numbers, said Dr Michael Eregae, the Chief Officer (CO) of Fisheries, Livestock and Veterinary Services.

The targeted households were those that lost their animals due to raids and drought, people living with disabilities, elderly and those living in extreme poverty.

My husband was killed during a raid and I have not been able to restock the stolen animals, now I’m very happy, said the Ejore Ekitela, the 49-year old mother of two upon receiving her six goats.

We should be grateful to the county government for this exercise as it understands that we people of Turkana are pastoralists, said Willy Nalimo, the Member of County Assembly of Napetom/Kapedo Ward and also a member of the Pastoral Economy Committee at the Turkana County Assembly.

Source: Kenya News Agency