Residents living along Kisumu-Nandi-Kericho border assured of enhanced security

Security teams from the three counties of Kisumu, Nandi and Kericho have enhanced joint border security meetings to ensure peace is sustained to end sporadic skirmishes lately experienced.

Kisumu County commissioner Pauline Dolla, Kericho and Nandi counterparts Mukhtar Abdi and Lucy Mulili respectively today held a joint security meeting and assured the residents living on the border of the three counties of their security.

Speaking at Chemilil club before holding a closed door meeting, the top security officials however warned that anybody found committing crime will be dealt with firmly, as an individual.

We will deal with any criminal decisively and not allow anybody to create animosity between the two neighboring communities, warned Kericho County Commissioner Mukhtar Abdi.

The security officials said tension in the area was fomented by a few individuals out to create animosity amongst the neighboring communities that have co-existed peacefully for a long time.

The security meeting comes in the background of the killing of a man at Kesale area in Kericho last month, after theft of livestock, the blocking of the Kisumu �Kericho road and stoning of Public Service Vehicles (PSV’s) following the Supreme Court ruling in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kisumu County Commissioner Mrs. Pauline Dolla said security structures have been put in place, including formation of cross border peace committees comprising of elders from both sides and ‘the Nyumba Kumi initiative’ to help spearhead peace processes.

The national government officials called on the residents to continue working in partnership with security agents and volunteer information to tame crime.

The administrators collectively expressed optimism that they do not envisage violence to rock their areas of jurisdiction before, during and after the swearing-in ceremony of President Uhuru Kenyatta slated for Tuesday next week.

However, they stated that they had deployed intelligence officers on the ground and that they had in place mechanisms to repulse anyone who would want to cause a stir during the coronation fete.

The security chiefs called for peaceful co-existence and announced that security apparatus were on high alert to ensure no illegal activities are witnessed in the area.

For a long time, theft of livestock and land resources has been blamed for the escalation of tension in the region.

However, Mr. Abdi said land issues will be handled at individual level saying land matters are not communal issues.

Source: Kenya News Agency