Residents fault incomplete projects

A section of Ntima East and Ntima West residents in Imenti North Sub County are urging the government to ensure that roads earmarked for construction were completed to guarantee safety to users.

They lamented that some of the roads whose construction had started had been abandoned without giving explanations to the residents who were negatively affected.

Patrick Mutembei from Ntima East ward said some main road projects had been put on hold without having safety measures to protect motorists and pedestrians.

Mutembei told KNA that there have been accidents on the abandoned roads due to lack of warning signs and unfilled trenches.

The main road projects like Mati road were tarmacked to a certain place and then abandoned. There are a lot of accidents mostly at night due to lack of street lights or warning signs, he claimed.

He lamented that there were huge gaping trenches along the uncompleted road posing a huge danger to residents.

They are appealing that contractors set up certain safety standards before abandoning a project so that innocent wananchi do not fall victim to injuries.

Mutembei further challenged area politicians to keep close with their constituents like they normally did when asking for votes every electioneering year.

Mohamed Diarra from Ntima West Ward cited similar challenges with the road system and called on concerned authorities to ensure projects that stalled for one reason or another do not pose danger.

Diarra complained over the neglected road construction sites that have made people incur expenses in trying to access their residences.

We are worried of more eventualities in case of heavy rains, noted the Ntima West resident.

He also wants a government health facility established in the ward claiming there were only private clinics in the area.

The CDF projects have put up a youth center at Ntima that helps uplift talents but on the sports side there is only failed football clubs, he acknowledged.

However, constructions of bypasses are ongoing in the outskirts of Meru Town with Kenya Urban Roads Authority, assuring they shall be completed by end of October this year.

Source: Kenya News Agency