Residents demonstrate over delayed project

Residents of Nyalkinyi village in Homa Bay Town are protesting delay by the county government to complete the construction of Sh.8 million water project started two years back.

The residents now want the county government to the give the project top prority, claiming that it was meant to serve thousands of people and livestock in the area.

It was also meant to serve Nyalkingi dispensary, local primary and secondary schools besides serving the adjacent social amenities.

Led by Homa Bay Town East MCA, Juma Awuor on Thursday, the residents demanded accountability of funds earmarked for the project claiming the area is currently hit by acute water shortage

We cannot continue to suffer like this yet we have a government that needs to protect us. We will not relent when we see things not being done on the prior way, he said.

The MCA claimed, according to records the water project was complete and accused unnamed government officials of mooting schemes to pocket public funds.

I have made enquiries from the department of water and their record says the project is complete. But the reality on the ground is that there is nothing done except putting up of structures with no water, said the ward representative.

The residents claimed that the contractor tasked to do the project did a shoddy job, adding that pipes used in the structure were worn out and broken even before water could pass in them.

However, the County Executive for Water and Environment, Dickson Nyawinda shifted blame to the residents, saying the project has been delayed due to vandalism.

He claimed that youths were breaking metal water pipes with an intention of selling them as scrap metal.

Every time the contractor adds structures within the project, the next day youths break them. We will take action against those found vandalizing the pipes, he said, adding that the matter will be addressed within one week.

Source: Kenya News Agency