Residents Call for Construction of a Bridge

A body of a man who drowned while crossing river Isiukhu in Malava Sub County was discovered on Tuesday evening after two days of search by the local divers.

Mr. Alfred Nyopa who is said to have been drunk met his death while returning home in Buyangu village from a drinking spree in the neighbouring Mang’ang’a area.

Area Chief Isaiah Shikunzi while confirming the incident warned against distilling and drinking of chang’aa in the area . He added that he will mount crackdown on the brews.

The administrator appealed to well-wishers to construct a foot bridge at the deadly spot as several people had suffered the same fate in the past two months.

Those crossing step in the water and because of increased water volume occasioned by heavy rainfall being experienced in the region, the unlucky ones are carried away by the strong currents, he said

He also related that a couple of weeks ago a woman accompanying her husband drowned at the spot.

The residents interviewed called on National Government Constituency Development Fund office to facilitate the construction of a bridge at the point.

Source: Kenya News Agency