Residents benefit from relief food

Hundreds of households in the semi-arid Mbeere North region, Embu County benefitted from relief food from the government to counter the biting drought that has hit the area.

About 200 bags each of maize, rice and beans and 50 cartons of cooking oil were distributed to needy families in Kamangi, Mumori, Iria Itune in Evurori ward and Kirie, Mutitu and Karambare villages in Muminji ward..

Area Deputy County Commissioner Christopher Siele said the food situation in the Sub County was dire and interventions from area county government and other stakeholders was needed to address the situation.

He said his office had exhausted relief food supplies and called on residents to be patient as the government rolls out new relief food distribution exercise.

The supplies that I had have now been depleted. What we have given out is not enough as the area is in a food crisis situation but hopefully, more supplies will be distributed soon, he said.

This comes as residents from the area complain of starvation with some going for days without food.

The situation had been occasioned by low rainfall and failure by farmers to plant drought resistant crops as advised by agricultural experts.

Farmers here believe in traditional agriculture of planting maize and beans despite the crops failing each harvest season. They have severally been advised to plant drought resistant crops such as sorghum, cassava and maize varieties but they have not heeded to the call, said Siele.

Water crisis has also hit the region, with residents being forced to walk for several kilometers in search of the commodity.

The situation is compounded by miraa farmers who have drained the available stream and river water resource by irrigating their crops.

Siele said they will work closely with the county government to ensure more earth dams are dug in the area so as to address the problem.

Source: Kenya News Agency