Residents assured of security

Rift Valley Regional Coordinator Wanyama Musiambo has assured residents of the government’s commitment to guarantee their security in the wake of prevailing political situation in the country.

Musiambo said security personnel had firm instructions to deal with any individual regardless of status and political affiliation caught engaging in acts of violence and lawlessness.

Speaking in Nakuru, the administrator assured the business community and residents that their property was safe as patrols had been intensified in all the 14 counties under his watch.

The administrator said as much as political leaders were free to express their opinion; those who will utter inflammatory statements and engage in acts of incitement will be arrested and prosecuted.

Musiambo appealed to politicians to moderate their speeches and take into account that electioneering period was a seasonal event that did not warrant divisive politics.

Wananchi should help us in policing this region. Report all those characters who are engaging in acts of incitement down in the villages and estates, to avert chaos, he said.

He however cautioned the residents against making false and unfounded reports to police as this was distracting law enforcement officers from effectively discharging their duties.

The RC said there were legally accepted mechanisms of sorting political differences rather than dividing Kenyans along political and ethnic lines.

At the same time Musiambo urged voters to exercise their democratic right peacefully on the polling day and retreat to their homes to await results.

Source: Kenya News Agency