Residents and leaders support Dams construction

Elgeyo Marakwet county residents and leaders fully support the construction of the Sh 63 billion multipurpose dams, but want proper compensation to the satisfaction of all affected families.

In a meeting convened by county commissioner Frederick Ndambuki, it was resolved that land will be compensated with land, while immovable development on the land will be paid in cash.

Managing director Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) David Kimosop said they will be sending valuers to the ground and therefore called on residents to ensure all the development is captured.

KVDA is the implementing agency of the Arror dam in Marakwet West and Kiwarer in Keiyo South.

The MD said the residents will be involved in the identification of the land they are to be resettled on, to pave way for the construction of Arror dam in Marakwet West and Kimwarer dam in Keiyo South.

We are also aware that most people don’t have title deeds, but that should not worry you as we will use other means to prove ownership, he said.

Governor Alex Tolgos said in the past, such development in the county has left scores of residents as squatters after the government failed to compensate them while those given money ended up misusing it.

Residents in Kapsowar who gave their land to pave way for the establishment of the sub county headquarters are yet to be resettled, same with the Flourspar Company in Keiyo South, the governor said.

Noting that the donors will only fund the project while the government deals with compensation, he called on area MPs to establish whether the Sh 6.2 billion earmarked for the same is captured in 2017/2018’s budget.

Dam committee leaders Samwel Mwarei (Kipsaiya) and Mike Belio ( Arror) said they will not allow equipment to start any work on the projects before they were compensated.

We are also calling on KVDA to construct schools and churches among other community institutions, Mwarei said.

The committee leaders also expressed concern that the NEMA report which they should respond to by October 22, was too technical for them to understand.

The KVDA MD said he will be sending experts to analyse and explain to the residents in a language they can understand.

Speaker to the county assembly Philemon Sabulei assured them that compensation in such projects was anchored in the constitution and therefore KVDA had no option but to follow the law.

The meeting was attended by women rep Jane Chebaibai, Keiyo South MP Daniel Rono, his Keiyo North counterpart Dr. James Murgor, KVDA chairman Sam Kona and all MCA’s.

Source: Kenya News Agency