Residents along Kitui-Tana River border flee their homes

Mwingi North residents living along the porous Kitui-Tana River counties’ border have fled their homes due to insecurity.

Among the affected areas include, Kasiluni, Inyanzae and Ngomeni in Kyuso Sub-County where were killed two weeks ago.

The residents, who have since fled their homes and currently spending their nights in the bushes for fear of retaliatory attacks from Somali herders, fear for their safety following the disarmament of four National Police Reservists.

The killings have seen four Kamba home guards arrested and 13 guns confiscated from home guards in the areas.

Two of the four home guards appeared before Mwingi Law Courts Senior Resident Magistrate, Mercy Nasimiyu on Monday this week, where they were sentenced to seven years imprisonment for being in possession of excess ammunition, while the other two were freed.

Insecurity along the border between the two counties has left more than 30 people dead since last year and led to the displacement of many Kamba farmers, adversely affecting education in schools in the affected areas.

Speaking to the press on Thursday, James Kimanzi, a resident of Inyanzae in Kavaani location, Kyuso Sub-County said that he has witnessed deaths from as long as 1960s and according to him, no convictions have been made.

Samuel Kilonzo, a youth from the area has called upon the government to find lasting solution to the insecurity in the area as many youths have lost their lives out of banditry attacks.

Kilonzo also said that people in the area are afraid to work in their farms especially during this rainy season.

Peter Munyasya, an elderly man from the area is calling for immediate intervention from the government to return the guns to the home guards, as mistakes done by a few people shouldn’t be used to punish a whole community.

Commenting on the escalating insecurity along the border, Kyuso DCIO, Tom Achiya disputed the claims that the 13 guns were confiscated and said the guns have only been withdrawn for purposes of investigation.

Achiya said his office has already written to the Sub County and Kitui Police Commander, in order to have new guns issued to the National Police Reservists (NPR) as the ones which were withdrawn are being used as exhibits in court.

Source: Kenya New s Agency