Residents advised to move to safer grounds

Garissa County Commissioner Joshua Chepchieng has advised residents living along the river Tana and flood prone areas to move to safer grounds.

On Tuesday, KenGen gave out a notification of eminent excessive spillage from Kiambere Dam.

According to the company, the heavy rains have resulted in drastic rise of the dam levels that has seen Kamburu, Gitaru, Kindaruma and Kiambere dams level rise to their spillage levels

Consequently, spilling of excess water is now taking place and we are kindly requesting that commnunities living near the banks of Tana River downstrean of Kiambere be alerted of the impending increase in the river flow, read part of the statement.

Addressing elders at Garissa Ndogo during the launch of the cash transfer exercise for the elderly, Chepchieng asked the reisdents to heed to the advice and move to safer grounds.

We want to take this earliest opportunity to tell our people to move to safer gounds. We would not wish to have causalities as a result of this, Chepchieng said.

County Commissioner said the government has already taken the initiative to have all those living along the river banks moved.

Farmers’ Federation vice chair Dubat Amey blamed KenGen for failing to warn thousands of farmers downstream saying that the end result was the farmers counting losses.

He said that KenGen had made it a habit of releasing water without informing them adding that the only lasting solution was by building a cannal where the waters will be directed.

Year in year out, farmers incur huge losses due to the actions of KenGen. For how long will we continue to suffer? Who will come to the rescue of the farmers, Amey asked.

He said a multi sectorial approach by both county and national government is required for long time solutions for the farmers.

Source: Kenya News Agency