Residents advised to maintain peace

Residents of Marsabit Central Sub-county have been advised to co-exist peacefully their multi-ethnic composition notwithstanding, so as to realise accelerated development.

Area Deputy county commissioner Joseph Nyakwara particularly called for harmony during this electioneering period and asked the electorate to shun acts of violence.

Nyakwara also expressed concern over continued clinging on to outdated customary practices like cattle rustling, female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriages which he said were detrimental to the well-being of pastoral communities.

Speaking at Jardesa village during a peace meeting on Saturday, the deputy county commissioner underlined the importance of peace and urged local pastoralist communities to shun livestock raids terming it retrogressive.

Retrogressive cultural practices have no room in today’s way of life and should be discarded if we are to transform ourselves, said Nyakwara.

He lamented that cattle rustling had claimed innocent lives, besides retarding development in the area, which was endowed with enormous resources.

The deputy county commissioner said the government had put in place measures that would ensure that the ongoing general election campaigns were carried out peacefully and called on the youth to say no to any form of incitement.

Elders from local communities including Samburu, Rendille, Borana and Gabra communities that graze livestock in Jaldesa pledged to live in peace and to continue sharing grazing resources like water and pasture amicably.

He pointed out that school enrolment targets were yet to be achieved and advised parents to educate their children in order to prepare them for a bright future.

He directed chiefs and their assistants to enhance awareness campaigns on the need for locals to embrace education, while at the same time enforcing the law against parents who prove stubborn.

Nyakwara cautioned against clan and tribal politics which he said were not only a threat to peace but an impediment to progress.

Source: Kenya News Agency