Renewable energy

The current deluge in the country has been identified as a testimony of changing weather patterns in the world.

A renewable energy expert Patrick Nzioka said even the doubting Thomas’s have been astonished by the raging floods in various regions.

He was speaking Wednesday during a workshop in a Nakuru hotel.

He said the country has no choice but to adopt green energy in domestic and industry set-ups, adding its adoption was inevitable to make the world more conducive to health, food and better living.

Nzioka blamed pollution, which he said has become a major problem, not only in the country but globally contributing to health problems and agricultural decline.

The expert also said unplanned urbanization, largely due to poverty and political convenience, was one part of the urban pollution issues third world countries are battling.

He urged the ongoing governor’s meeting at Kakamega to discuss climate change and suggest workable solutions in order to spur their counties to greater heights of development.

However, he said part of the mitigation was the global campaign for the adoption of renewable energy and suggested that each county should come up with a strategy on how to promote and implement it.

Source: Kenya News Agency